Gastromanometer Gastroscan-DGastromanometer Gastroscan®-D
The Russian specification of the Gastrosсan-D is "Pressure gauge in the gastrointestinal tract and other cavities of the human body ID-8", ТУ 9441-010-13306657-2007.
    • is a multichannel (up to 8) water perfusion system
    • is used in the following tests:
                • esophageal manometry
                • advanced upper esophageal sphincter manometry
                • antroduodenal manometry
                • anorectal and colonic manometry
    • registers a pressure range from 0 to 225 mm Hg in several (up to 8) points of the gastrointestinal tract
    • сontinuous maps in digital and graphical form on the PC screen information about the research process
    • saves the results of studies in the database and / or displays on the screen and printer
    • works under Windows XP/7Manometric evaluation of esophageal motility (the esophagus in response to swallowing water)
    • is set on a rack, which is also used for instrument calibration and temporary storage of catheters
    Medical guidelines about GI manometry

    More information about the Gastroscan-D in Russian read here.


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